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T-shirt print illustration - Blackstone Brasil
Sketch and lineart phase

First, as I always do in my works, I idealize the composition through the traditional sketch, that is, the good old pencil on paper.
For the lettering of the motto, the client requested that it be in the tattoo lettering style. GRUMEC's motto is "FORTUNA AUDACES SEQUITUR", which means "fortune accompanies the daring". For abbreviation, I chose a stencil-style plate, widely used in the army.
Once approved, the draft is then digitized and the lineart is made digitally.

Digital colorization and composition modifications

Once the lineart is approved, we move on to the digital colorization phase. As you can see in the process, at the request of the client, there were some modifications to the original draft. For the color palette, I chose those most used in military uniforms.

Redesign of the insignia

I chose to make a stylized version to accompany the composition for the insignia, so I took the original insignia as a reference, re-designed it in a more cartoony way, added alternative colors, and included some textures.


I was commissioned by Igor Corrêa from the clothing brand Blackstone Brasil to illustrate a print for a new line of t-shirts for the company. The client requested a composition in honor of the "Grupo de Mergulhadores de Combate do Brasil - GRUMEC", where some pieces should be included: the group's insignia, skulls, snorkels, and lettering containing the abbreviation and the group's motto.

Some advertising images from the Blackstone Brasil website
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