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These are digital paintings I made to participate in the contest "Create the New Kard Design for the 1939 Games", held by Kards - The WWII Card Game on Talenthouse. They are illustrations of French and Japanese World War II infantry units and a Japanese bomber. All following the contest briefing. It was very interesting to study some historical details to develop these works. Hope you like it.

French WWII infantry unit

For French soldiers, I proposed a post-combat scenario at dusk. The dark-eyed soldiers look to the horizon for enemies to take prisoners or surviving allies. The smoke rising, the heavy sky, the rubble of buildings in the background and the texture of the ash falling from the sky reaffirm the poignant post-combat atmosphere.

Japanese WWII airstrike order - Yokosuka P1Y Ginga

For the Japanese bomber, I brought the famous, rare, and fast Yokosuka P1Y Ginga, used in battles in China, the Philippines, and Okinawa, among others. These bombers were later used as kamikaze. As the briefing was about poster art, I chose to follow the more dotted graphic styles of WWII-era posters, showing a squadron of Japanese bombers and some torpedoes falling toward the ground. To finish, I put an aged texture to make the composition more vintage.

Japanese WWII infantry unit

For the Japanese infantryman, I thought about a brave soldier marching imposingly from east to west. As it was not possible to use the rising sun flag, I placed the sun's rays on the soldier's back to allude to the sun and also indicate the direction. The shadow in front of the soldier can be interpreted in two ways: the one already mentioned indicating the direction east to west and also the shadow of war. The certainty of death ahead. Finally, I included some textures to simulate impressions of the time, now aged.

I also put some models to exemplify how the paintings would look on the cards.

Some digital sketches.

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