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I tried to simulate as faithfully as possible a vintage comic book advertisement page, the ones that came in the center of the magazine on the pages between the stories. As you can see in the details, I simulated all the colorization with the halftone, overlapping some colors to obtain other tones. I also simulated the texture of the newspaper widely used in old comics.


Colorization imitating halftone films. Note the midtone dots overlapping the black ink, simulating misregistration. Also note the texture simulating newspaper.

Halftone dots of different colors overlap to create a new color.
For this, I used some textures and brushes from True Grit Texture Supply and created my halftones in Photoshop using the layer mask technique.


Here you can see some steps of the process. I don't dispense with the good old traditional to doing the sketches and ink. First I do the general idea in blue pencil. Then I make more details with the graphite pencil and finally the ink with all the possible light and shadow details. Only then is the illustration scanned to be colored and digitally textured.



KREPSHOW - When the Creep decided to sell kreps in an abandoned park. This project is dedicated to all those who are fans of the classic 1982 movie made by Stephen King, George Romero and Tom Savini... and for those who like kreps too... hehehe! I had this project in mind for a long time, but I just now put it on paper. This started from the first time I watched the film because the words "creep" and "krep" have a similar phonetic (at least here in Brazil they are homophone words) and in my head, I always associated one word with the other even with completely different meanings.

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