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"Linha Finito" beers

Cervejaria Invicta, a partner client, commissioned me again to develop new labels for their new line of craft beers. This time, the requested brief was to illustrate all-type lettering in an hourglass format. As with the other work (when I illustrated the cowboy labels for them), eight labels should now be illustrated, using the base image of the all-type hourglass as the logo. Below you can see the final eight labels.

Some rejected ideas

Initially, I preferred to bring a vintage style to the labels, including some more all-type illustrated components like the "All Time" and "Beer Time", plus a cartoon clock. In addition, the original all types included the sides of the hourglass. However, the customer wanted a cleaner label where only the main all type would be seen, so they asked to remove the additional components. Given this review, there was a little more space left to increase the main all types.

Some advertisements made by the client's marketing team

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