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I proposed illustrations for the Sailor Jerry rum contest published by Talenthouse a few months ago. The brief called for "a fresh and modern vision of the current brand (reimagine), creating unique and diverse works of art/iconography." Based on that, I chose to make 3 versions with different styles but strongly linked to the image and work of the old-school tattoo artist Sailor Jerry. Hope you like it.
The first was a tribute to Hawaii, the place where Jerry chose to live and focus his work. I reinvented the Hawaiian girl on the rum label in a golden age comic book version, along with a postcard print in screentone colors and textures.
For the second one, I opted for a cartoon version of Sailor Jerry, highlighting some of his classic tattoos. I was inspired by cartoons from the 30s and 40s to bring "animated life" to Jerry, in a mixture of vintage and more modern bright colors.
Finally, in the third illustration, I opted for a more psychedelic aura (the 1960s), with strong strokes and colors. A spirit of "Pop Art".
Although I did the painting and textures digitally, the sketches and inks are done traditionally.

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